Starting them young

Kids are known for their boundless imagination. For someone who has never lost that, I naturally wanted my daughter to be able to experience the delights of being able to create your own worlds and characters. Role-playing games have always been an interest of mine, but how young can you introduce your kids to this hobby, especially one that potentially deals with lots of complex rules and systems? As it turns out, some bright sparks have already been working on things like this. So I decided to try BB with Hero Kids, a role-playing game designed for 4 to 8 year-olds. How did we get on? Quite well actually.

Remembering the Why

So why does a socially awkward, submissive, empathetic individual like me go and do something like Kung-Fu? And why do I get so much enjoyment out of it? The atmosphere of camaraderie might very well have a large part to play. I have guys there - my Kung-fu brothers - who are learning right alongside me. So I'm not alone there. Learning new things appears to be a gratifying experience. Being praised on how well such a learning experience appears to be going feels rewarding also. So, why does someone like me, who when confronted with hostility cannot possibly believe I could ever "win" do this? Why would someone like me who feels bad about accidentally clocking someone in the face take up a martial art (emphasis on the martial)?

Phone anxiety

"Just give them a ring." Would that be all I have to do? Simple as that eh? So how come I've just spent the last twenty minutes sat staring at the phone as if willing it to do the job for me? I even know the people I'm supposed to call. But I still can't do it. Phone anxiety appears to be a very real problem for many, yours truly included. Some days we can actually do it, with some coaxing or a sudden flash of bravery. Most times we can't. We. Because those of us who have this aren't alone, much as we may think we are. Recent studies even put the average user of a mobile phone makes a total of six calls a day. That'd be six calls more than I do. So what can we do when there's no alternative - email or text? We just have to "face it and make the call." So that'd be why I'm writing this post rather than making that simple call eh?

On the Right Track

Time away can be tricky, especially when you're prone to negative thinking like me. I knew I'd be going back to Kung-Fu, but that self-effacing voice in my head wondered why I was bothering with learning to strike when I was entirely incapable of believing I could best anyone in a fight. So I resolved to just become a passive, defensive fighter. I wouldn't even throw a punch unless I was sure it would land.
Yeah... that didn't happen. The atmosphere of mutually-supportive learning does the Cardiff Kung-Fu Academy much credit. Sure I didn't win every fight, but it was immense fun. And that's what's important. That and apparently myself and my Kung-Fu brothers are "on the right track." There are fewer, more encouraging words to hear from your Sifu in my opinion.

In The Parent-Hood

Being a writer can be hard, particularly when you have to work to allocate time to it. However being a parent also requires something very similar - time. So how do you get the juggling act of putting in writing time when you're the stay-at-home parent and also have to entertain your children when they're off school?

Snake bit

The Mystery of the Snake Bite Wound, Combat Awareness, minor shoulder separation and those bl**dy striking elbows! Channeling my inner 15-stone man indeed.