Author profile pictureMJ Bridger is a fantasy author preparing to unleash his work on the world. Currently residing in his home country of Wales with his wife, daughter and highly trained attack cats. Having already written two books, he thought it would be fun to emulate Hollywood and reboot his own fantasy franchise, except to do it better. For a laugh, also wrote some short-stories for his fantasy world, because apparently one idea was not enough. Has a troubling fascintion with martial arts and taking on guys much bigger and better than he is.

On the Right Track

Time away can be tricky, especially when you're prone to negative thinking like me. I knew I'd be going back to Kung-Fu, but that self-effacing voice in my head wondered why I was bothering with learning to strike when I was entirely incapable of believing I could best anyone in a fight. So I resolved to just become a passive, defensive fighter. I wouldn't even throw a punch unless I was sure it would land.
Yeah... that didn't happen. The atmosphere of mutually-supportive learning does the Cardiff Kung-Fu Academy much credit. Sure I didn't win every fight, but it was immense fun. And that's what's important. That and apparently myself and my Kung-Fu brothers are "on the right track." There are fewer, more encouraging words to hear from your Sifu in my opinion.

In The Parent-Hood

Being a writer can be hard, particularly when you have to work to allocate time to it. However being a parent also requires something very similar - time. So how do you get the juggling act of putting in writing time when you're the stay-at-home parent and also have to entertain your children when they're off school?

Snake bit

The Mystery of the Snake Bite Wound, Combat Awareness, minor shoulder separation and those bl**dy striking elbows! Channeling my inner 15-stone man indeed.

Strikers, tigers and bears. Oh my!

More sparring fun this week. Ben from beginners embraced his keen and came up for advanced class. Some of my more competitive Kung-fu brothers and sisters seem a little hesitant sparring-wise, which appears surprising. A full class was nice to see though. A new addition that we'll hopefully see more of this week too. And closing in on the end of the current syllabus. Yikes.